Applique Tutorials - Modern & Traditional

Applique Tutorials - Modern & Traditional

Below is a partial list of (mostly YouTube) video/tutorial links on Applique' on this page. As we work our way through the quilt blocks we will update/add more tutorials to the list, so please check back often.    Feel free to send us your favorite if we missed it here.  Whether you are searching to perfect your current applique' skills or you are looking for a new method of applique' these tutorials offer great tips and techniques on various forms of applique'.
Click on the titles below each category to view the tutorials.

Inking Your Applique Blocks
Barbara Burnham - Baltimore Garden Quilts  (Not a video)

Starch Basted Applique'
This method of applique' uses freezer paper templates, starch and an iron to turn under your applique' shapes. The freezer paper is then removed prior to hand or machine stitching your pieces to your background fabric.
Jillily Studio
Simple Bird Studio

Wash Away Applique'
This method of applique' uses water soluble stabilizer ironed onto your fabrics and fabric glue to turn the edges under. The stabilizer remains in the fabric and softens/dissolves upon washing the quilt. Stabilizers recommended by Aunt Reen are: Wash Away Applique' by CT&T and Applique' Paper by Hugs'n Kisses.
Helen Stubbings - part 1
Helen Stubbings - part 2
Helen Stubbings - part 3 Lynette Anderson
Rose Lewis

Perfect Circles

Karen Kay Buckley

Creating applique' Stems

Hand applique' tiny stems - Gay Boomer
Bias Maker Stems - Simple Bird Studio

Tradition Applique'

Preparation for Hand Applique - Darlene Christopherson
Sew Easy needle turn
Needle Turn Applique' - Sentimental Stitches
How to Applique' with Jan Patek
Jan Patek - Stars & Points
Inner Points - Becky Goldsmith


  1. How awesome that you have provided all this training!

  2. We were happy to share this information Terry.
    There are so many options for Applique'today. We want everyone to enjoy the process using whatever method works best for them.