Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Quilting

We know some of you are quilting your Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt.

In this post, some closeups of Esther's quilting is included.

She did do some hand quilting within the appliqué motifs.

She used an echo style filler quilting around the outers edges of the appliqué blocks.

Esther also chose to hand quilt her name and date
in the quilt. It is subtle, yet large and readable.

I am looking forward to it being on exhibit again so I can see it in person, up close.

More and more, I am including my name and date in the quilting of my quilts. I will also be adding a hanging sleeve and label per the museum instructions.

Stay tuned for more on that!

Having just returned from traveling, I found my in process SVBAQ was being guarded and kept warm

Fortunately, I knew to keep a pillow case over the quilt to protect it from those dark kitty hairs.
She loves the quilt as much as I do, and we some lap time planned everyday with this quilt!

Now, I am back to my plan of an hour a day. That gets me to my goal (January 2) to complete it by the submission date a few days early. (January 5).

I am following Esther's echo - I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing!

However, only post little teaser photos if you are planning to submit your quilt for consideration.
The museum wants to keep the completed quilts unseen until the reveal of the exhibit.

If you are still working on appliqué, that is OK!
We would love to see those photos.  Fell free to email them or share them on the Facebook page.

Happy Stitching,
Doreen & Dawn