Sunday, July 30, 2017

End of Month 23

It is another busy month!

We have all kinds of updates....

Lin is well underway on her version.
Lin also finished her Lily Block

Karen created a beautiful rainbow on her brown background.

Many of you are working on all kinds of layouts, sashings, borders and finishing plans. Your progress  is very exciting.  If you are still working on blocks, keep sending and posting the photos. 
Remember to keep your finished tops and quilts a surprise if you are planning to enter the Virginia Quilt Museum Call For Entries.

Stay tuned for more details.
Happy Stitching,
Dawn and Doreen

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mid Month Show and Tell Month 23

Kay used reproduction prints 
Lots of variety in the block finishes!

Some participants opted to make an extra pineapple or tulip block and even out the block arrangement with matching corners.

We will save that for the final reveals - next year at the exhibit.

For now, let's enjoy the rainbows and stars.

Gail is doing a machine 'Quilt As You Go' technique

Nancy has two quilts underway -- one in flannel

Deanna has some soft French General colors
Shona finished her block - and all of the inking.
She's ready to assemble and start quilting.

LeMoyne has a special helper who also admires her work
So pretty in wool.

Sunshine on Shirting
Pieced Stars and Sun Rays 

Happy Stitching,

Doreen and Dawn

We have had many questions regarding the SVBAQ Blog and Facebook page - YES!
They will continue - we still have people starting, very exciting for the museum.  The help blog tabs and photos will remain open.
Keep those BLOCK photos coming.

We will continue providing support and inspiration you as you finish.

Please be sure to visit our blogging friends participating in the Sew Along by clicking on their links below:

Sunday, July 2, 2017

C-3 Rainbow Moon and Stars

"Rainbows are a religious symbol for hope and promise. Inside the rainbow in handwritten ink script are the maker’s name, date, and age. Quiltmaker Esther Matthews spelled her name "Ester" indicating that someone else, possibly her grandson Addison B. Martz, signed her name on her quilt"  ...Neva  

By process of knew the block for this month <vbg>.
I stitched mine in the winter of 2015 - twice!

I was living outside of Denver Colorado at the time. We were having a snow day so I settled in by the fireplace for a stitching day.

What better block to sew on than a rainbow!

In my enthusiasm, I stitched the sun in yellow.

You can see in the background the street plow had come by and I had done one round of shoveling.

Riipppp...Off came the yellow sun.

I decided I wanted to be true to Esther's quilt.

To stitch my rainbows I opted to start at the top of the rainbow basted the first color down. I then needle turned the top curve. Next, I basted the second color on, removing the basting thread of the first color. Then needle turned the top curve. On the lower edge I turned under little bottom edges. Basically building my rainbow as I went.

Esther's Large Star
Esther's Small Stars

Detail of the inking on the original quilt

Esther's hand quilting detail

We are excited to see so many people still joining the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Quilt Stitch Along.  Keep posting and sending in your BLOCK photos. We will keep sharing.
NOTE: If you are planning to show and or exhibit your SVBAQ please don't post the completed quilt.

Happy Stitching!
Doreen and Dawn
Please consider submitting your finished quilt for the Virginia Quilt Museum "Beyond The Valley"
exhibit. Details to follow.