Thursday, June 29, 2017

End of Month 22 Show & Tell + Special Announcement

This certainly has been an ambitious month for our members....
In addition to those finishing up the Red Touch Me Not blocks, several quilters have completed additional blocks that we announced in previous months.

First up are the beautiful Red Touch Me Not blocks:

Deanna's block:

Nancy's block:

Wendy's block:

Shona's block:

Linda Arndt finished up her beautiful Trumpet Honeysuckle:

Next up - our extremely productive members for the month of June.
Susie Corrao's blocks:

Lemoyne Meichner's blocks:

Kay Butler's blocks:

Deanna's blocks:

We'd like to end this post with some exciting news:

Happy Stitching!
Doreen and Dawn


  1. Woohoo! Can't wait for this exhibition! I will submit mine in December. I surely hope we can have a Blogger get together. I want to meet all these fantastic quilters. Thanks for much for all you efforts to make this happen!

    1. Wonderful you will submit your gorgeous quilt Wendy! We will definitely plan something for all to have the opportunity to meet. SO exciting!