Thursday, June 1, 2017

D-4 Touch-Me-Not (Red)

"Also known as jewelweed or balsam, touch-me-not is the old name for a flower that Esther could have seen along the road as she traveled up and down the Valley each spring and fall to visit her daughters and family members"....Neva

I think Esther must have been fond of this plant as it is a near duplicate of the Pink Touch Me Not block that Dawn covered earlier in the sew along HERE.
This block has far less petals than the Pink version.
I confess that I like the simplicity of fewer petals.

As I began laying out my assembly strategy, I decided to make the petals stand out from the leaves and stems. Opposite of Esther, I made the stems & leaves solid and the blooms in a print fabric. I fussy cut the petals "by eye" to make them a little less than identical. I like the more casual, slightly random look of the flowers.

Below is another picture showing how I continued on with my block progression.

And finally a finish! Dawn & I look forward to seeing how you interpret this block as well.

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Happy Stitching!
Doreen and Dawn


  1. Funny, I think this must have been one of Esther's favorites too, why else would she have made 2 of these as they were not the easiest ones to applique! You rendition is stunning. I love the fussy cutting!

    1. We think Esther was brilliant, in addition to a master with her Needle.
      Looking forward to seeing your block Wendy.