Tuesday, May 30, 2017

End of May Show and Tell Month 21

We hope May was a wonderful month for you, maybe some gardening? 
Travel?  Stitching Time?
We enjoyed the blocks that our fellow stitchers shared.

LeMoyne tells us she threaded her size 11 appliqué needles
in the car during a road trip!  WOW!

Pretty Tiger Lilies

A shy stitcher in California - Beautiful Rose of Sharon
High contrast with the dark green leaves
Nanette's lovely wool appliqué

Shona chose a variety of greens for her stems and vines

Nancy Austin is deciding how to arrange her blocks,
She has two to go - - won;t be long now!
We still have appliqué artists getting started - it is never too late to join us. 
You can share here and on our stitch along Facebook page HERE.

 Stop back for the June 1st block notice.
Happy Stitching,
 Doreen and Dawn

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mid Month B-1 Trumpet Honey Suckle Month 21

Welcome to the mid month progress report.
Please visit the blogs linked at the bottom of the of this post.
What beautiful blocks!
Selective Cut Appliqué
Quilt As You Go

Wonderful Color - Great Fabrics

Beautiful Shading
Great Soft Gray Background

Terrific Texture With Wool

Sweet Colors
Hand Quilt As You Go

Dramatic With Beautiful Top Stitching

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Happy Stitching
Dawn & Doreen