Tuesday, February 28, 2017

E-2 Jacob's Ladder Month 18

Original Block
"Some of these fabrics are seen only in this block. Was that a Confederate Violet in the middle?"...Neva

Read more about Confederate Violets HERE.

This block has some elements that float in the block. Between the two primary stems is a small vase or vessel with a three leaf stemmed flower. It is very common in 19th century floral appliqué to see a very tiny vessel with sprouting what appears to be an oversized flower.

I started my block by basting every other base leaf in place.

Once I completed the needle turn appliqué on the, first leaves I basted the rest in place.

Hold off on the flower stems until the buds and calyx are stitched.

The flowers were done buds first, then the calyx. The last step is the green stems.
The small plaid print I used makes the leaf look like it twists.
What is wrong with this?
Ever put a project down and remember it as DONE?
The very last step was to add the base arches.
Ooops, I did add the base arches to my block before this post!

Happy Stitching,
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Dawn & Doreen


  1. Oh that is too funny! I did almost the same thing with my block. I too a photo thinking I was done and realized I had forgotten to add the tiny vase! I'm quilting it now and will post on the 15th. I had never heard of Confederate violet before. I assumed it was a trillium because of the colors. My problem with making these in advance is that I don't see the true color of the original until the 1st of the month. I don't suppose Esther would mind my liberties. I love your block!

    1. I think Esther would love your quilt!
      I didn't see the original blocks either, that's OK, such pretty designs there is no wrong.

  2. Your block is gorgeous Dawn! I am always in awe of your ability to stitch such teeny tiny pieces so beautiful.

    1. Thank you! Someday I will get to one of your classes. I always like exploring all kinds of techniques.