Tuesday, November 1, 2016

C-5 Touch-Me-Not in Pink Month 14

Esther's block from the original quilt

"Double pink" cottons were used circa 1850 for children’s clothing. Two different versions of the print can be seen in this block." ...Neva Hart

Esther's block detail

This is the first block I stitched before I committed to making
the 9" blocks. I had to make sure I could capture the detail
in the flowers.  I enjoyed working with multiple pink and green fabrics.

Some of the buds were worked as one stitching straight across,
with the stem stitched over the top.
Dawn's Finished Block
Enjoy your pink Touch-Me-Not block.

Happy Stitching,
Doreen & Dawn

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  1. Sad to say I won't be posting this month as this is the only block I didn't make. I chose to do 4 pineapple blocks for the 4 corners so I had to choose one block to substitute. Yours is a beauty and I love the pink fabrics you used!

  2. Great idea! You can always link up the four pineapples. It is always great to see how people make a project "their own". Thank you for participating and sharing.

  3. Your block is just exquisite!
    Such beautiful fabrics, I love those delicate pinks.
    I like your method of sewing 2 petals as a single piece, I may use that when stitching up my own block.

    1. Thank you, I look forward to seeing yours!

  4. Your block is stunning as usual! I am so happy to see that you eliminated a few blossoms. I am doing this in a 10" block and was feeling slightly guilty for eliminating 2 flowers. Your work is impeccable! I did have fun with this one, but not sure I want to do it all over again in red! Thank goodness the red one has fewer buds!

    1. It's a lot to squeeze into 8". Glad you made your block your won too.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you - its was a wonderful design to work with.