Monday, August 1, 2016

E-5 Yellow Tulip

"In Victorian times, assigning symbols to flowers was a romantic pastime. Women were allowed to study botany science, and followed publications featuring exotic flora. Tulips became a symbol of "love." ... Neva Hart

I like the scrappy mix of green fabrics Ester used in this block!  Here is a close up of one of the Tulips.  Notice that Esther's Yellow Tulip block varies slightly from the drawn pattern you received.

I decided to make my tulips similar to Esther's, so I modified my pattern page.
It was quite simple to do - no art degree needed.
I took a pencil and drew a curved line thru the top center section of each blossom. (the arrow is pointing to the pencil line)

A short explanation of the steps I took to complete this block:
I stitched all the leaves down first. (I kept some of the double leaves as one piece) Next I added the stem work.

To make the tulips, I first stitched down the little pink petal tips.
Next I added the "green" leaf base, treating it as a single piece of fabric.
(in my case the green is taupe/tan)

I added the "yellow" side petals to complete this block.
Below is my faded Red & Taupe French General version of the Yellow Tulip block.

How is your Garden of Blocks Growing?
Dawn & I look forward to seeing your work shared here. You can submit your pictures to be shared on our Mid-month and/or End of month posts!
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Doreen & Dawn


  1. Another beautiful block. I'm enjoying all of the block variations and fabric choices.

    1. Thank you Dawn, I found this to be one of the more beginner friendly blocks to piece. A good one to start with if someone is just joining us in the Sew Along.

  2. Fantastic! And even more exciting for me as I am not doing this one because I made 4 pineapples instead so I eliminated this block. I have an entire month off. Oh what shall I do???

    1. Clever you! I know you have a bottomless list of project ideas to keep you busy.

    2. I enjoy hearing how people are making this quilt uniquely their own! Seeing the block and fabric interpretations each month is very exciting. I'm sure Esther Blair Matthews' family would be proud to know how quilters are uniquely embracing their grandmother's quilt!

  3. It was good seeing you at the museum on Thursday! You inspired me to make at least one - maybe two - blocks this month! I am ready to stitch the Tiger Lily and I just printed off the Sunflower! I am enjoying seeing all the blocks posted and hope to catch up!

  4. Wonderful seeing you too Janet! Great to hear you are enjoying the sew along. I look forward to following your progress, and seeing your blocks!

  5. Another beauty of a block, this one looks so understated and refined in that color palette! I enjoyed making this one :)

  6. Thank you Kris.
    Your wool version is also beautiful!
    We look forward to sharing a picture of it with the group in a couple of days.