Wednesday, August 31, 2016

E-2 Serratifolia Month 12

Esther's Original from the SVBAQ
"The modern name for this plant is "fuschia" but the botanical name "Fuschia Serratifolia" was published in London in the book THE FLORIST, Vol I, 1848." ...Neva Hart
There are a lot of small stem pieces in this block.
You could embroider them.
I chose to appliqué mine - one piece at a time, adding the
final stem over the top.

Basted, ready for needle turn

Top stem basted over finished small stems.
I sometimes mix my basting thread colors.

The bud shapes are interesting.
I decided to keep mine like Esther's and
not redraw them.

My finished block

I hope you enjoy this block as much as I did.
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Also, check back mid month for the link up and at the end of the month for the show and tell.
Happy Stitching,
Doreen & Dawn

Monday, August 29, 2016

End of August Show & Tell - catching up and moving on

As you can see in the picture above, Kay Butler completed 2 blocks this month!
THANK YOU to everyone that shared their beautiful block pictures with us!
We have even more beautiful Lily blocks to share with you all:

Kathie Carey recently joined us and has completed her Yellow Pink Tulip block.

And here are more versions of this month's Yellow Tulip block:

There were a LOT of busy quilters stitching away during the month of August.
It's such a treat for us to be able to share everyone's work here with you!
And in case you are just finding us, please know... it's never too late to join in.

Dawn will be announcing the next block of the sew along in a couple more days.
Please stop back on September 1st to see which block she has chosen.

Doreen & Dawn

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mid Month Show & Tell - Month 11

So many beautiful versions of the Yellow Tulip block have been submitted already for Show & Tell! Look at this beautiful modern block version:

Hand dyed fabrics:

Batik fabrics:

Blocks already quilted:

Wool Applique' on a cotton background:

And here are some blocks stitched up in reproduction, traditional and classic prints:

Be sure and visit the blogger's linked below to see more beautiful blocks.
Also visit the Facebook project page HERE, we highly recommend a visit to the photo albums.

There's still time to join the sew-along - stay tuned for some exciting upcoming announcements!

Happy Stitching, Doreen & Dawn

Monday, August 1, 2016

E-5 Yellow Tulip

"In Victorian times, assigning symbols to flowers was a romantic pastime. Women were allowed to study botany science, and followed publications featuring exotic flora. Tulips became a symbol of "love." ... Neva Hart

I like the scrappy mix of green fabrics Ester used in this block!  Here is a close up of one of the Tulips.  Notice that Esther's Yellow Tulip block varies slightly from the drawn pattern you received.

I decided to make my tulips similar to Esther's, so I modified my pattern page.
It was quite simple to do - no art degree needed.
I took a pencil and drew a curved line thru the top center section of each blossom. (the arrow is pointing to the pencil line)

A short explanation of the steps I took to complete this block:
I stitched all the leaves down first. (I kept some of the double leaves as one piece) Next I added the stem work.

To make the tulips, I first stitched down the little pink petal tips.
Next I added the "green" leaf base, treating it as a single piece of fabric.
(in my case the green is taupe/tan)

I added the "yellow" side petals to complete this block.
Below is my faded Red & Taupe French General version of the Yellow Tulip block.

How is your Garden of Blocks Growing?
Dawn & I look forward to seeing your work shared here. You can submit your pictures to be shared on our Mid-month and/or End of month posts!
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Doreen & Dawn