Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mid Month Show & Tell month 5

Beautiful Tulips already in bloom!
Some of our sew along friends have already completed their Yellow Pink Tulip assignment.

We are just at the half way point for the month of February, so there is still plenty of time for you to complete your block and send us a picture for our end of month post.  If you are just beginning, and/or working on a different block (that we've already assigned) we hope you will consider sharing those block pictures with us as well.

You can post them on our facebook page found HERE or send them to us via an email link.  We will share them in a post at the end of this month.

Be sure to visit our Blogging Friends that are also participation in the Sew Along!
Click on the pictures of their blocks below to take you to their blog pages.
Check back often, we will be adding more links over the next week or so.

Happy Stitching!
Doreen & Dawn

No need to create a new blog post if you've already posted your block. Simply add the url address of that post where indicated when you click the link above.


  1. I prefer the tulips here to the icicles outdoors right now :)

  2. SO many beautiful tulip blocks!

  3. So So pretty!! I just started.... and have a few blocks fused but not yet stitched..... I am hoping to get to a place where I can share with you! Thanks for doing the sew-along!

    1. Welcome Kay, we are happy you joined us. We look forward to following your progress and sharing this journey with you!

  4. I especially like the one that looks like it is on a black background.