Friday, February 26, 2016

End of month 5 Progress Report

Thank you all for sharing your beautiful February stitch work with us!

Here are a few more lovely tulip blocks:

In addition to those working on February's block - the Yellow Pink Tulip, We have some quilter's just beginning their journey, and other's working at their own pace.

Laura from New England has just started her block journey - Thank you for joining us!

In addition to completing her Yellow Pink Tulip block, Nancy also completed her Star in the East block earlier this month.

  Here in northern Virginia, I know of several little Bee groups and guild related friendship circles that meet on a monthly basis to stitch their Botanical Blocks.  

Annie Mitchell and Susie Corrao

Here is a picture that shows just how fun it can be when friends get together each month to sit, sew and share their journey.

If you're getting together with a friend or a group to work on your blocks we'd love to hear about your sewing days and see pictures.  And remember.... it's never too late to join in.  The next block will be revealed on March 1st so please check back then to see which one Dawn has chosen.

Happy Stitching!
Doreen & Dawn


  1. What an interesting choice of leaf fabric in Marcia's block. I like the look very much. Love seeing the variety of choices that each stitcher is making for their blocks.

    1. Karen, We appreciate you and all of the other stitchers who are sharing their blocks with us here and on Facebook! So nice to see the variety.

  2. Fun to see more lovelies at the end of the month! : )

  3. The end of the month is always colorful!