Thursday, December 31, 2015

D-3 Star In The East Month 4

Esther's Original Star In The East Block
History and Details of the Original Block
Row Three, Column Four, 
Sew Along Block 4
"Star in the East" is how Esther identified this design. Although the botanical "Crocosmia Star of the East" would have grown in Esther’s climate, it does not resemble her flower. ... Neva Hart

Reproduction Block 
Dawn's 9" Version

19th Century Reproduction Fabrics
Needle Turn Applique

I chose a solid red fabric, three green prints and a yellow print.

Block Strategies & Assembly

For applique Tips and Advice, visit our Applique Tutorials Page:  HERE.

Building the Flower
1.  In this block, I basted every other petal and one side of the leaves.

2.  I completed the applique on the first set of basted petals.

3.  I then basted the alternate petals in between the finished petals. I basted the second side of the leaves leaves in place.

For me, this helps keep the point where the applique pieces meet small and tidy.

In the last step of applique the point where all of the petals meet is covered by the yellow flower center.

Final Pieces Ready to Stitch

Using your preferred technique:

4.  Add the stems.
5.  Add the yellow center accents.

I hope you enjoy the "Star In The East" block as much as I did.
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Dawn & Doreen


  1. happy new year, Dawn...your block is lovely :)

  2. Beautiful block Dawn, love your fabric choices too!
    I will have to try your method of alternate stitching on flower petals. Great tip!

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to seeing the variety of fabric selections on the 15th!

  3. I especially love your green. I'm in the middle of working on block #2. Although I am a bit behind, l am loving the process.

    1. So happy your are enjoying the project! We have members just starting each month, so in some are ahead! Looking forward to seeing your blocks.

  4. Can you please tell me where to find the patterns, I would love to join in and catch up.
    Hope your New Year was Happy! L

    1. On the right side of this blog (when looking in full view) the museum has two buttons. One for paper a pattern the other for a digital pattern. I will also send you a private message. So happy you are joining!