Sunday, July 30, 2017

End of Month 23

It is another busy month!

We have all kinds of updates....

Lin is well underway on her version.
Lin also finished her Lily Block

Karen created a beautiful rainbow on her brown background.

Many of you are working on all kinds of layouts, sashings, borders and finishing plans. Your progress  is very exciting.  If you are still working on blocks, keep sending and posting the photos. 
Remember to keep your finished tops and quilts a surprise if you are planning to enter the Virginia Quilt Museum Call For Entries.

Stay tuned for more details.
Happy Stitching,
Dawn and Doreen


  1. It has been such a fun adventure! Thanks again for all that you have done to make it fun! I look forward to seeing many of them hanging together.

    1. I am quite sure it will be a sight to behold!

  2. How very exciting to see new beautiful beginnings to this sew along as well as more amazing final block finishes.

    This truly has been a wonderful experience. We look forward to continuing this journey with you. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us!