Wednesday, February 1, 2017

E-3 Red Tulip

"This tulip design helps indicate how the quilt would lay on a bed. All tulip blocks face the center.

Tulips in fat bowls have been documented in at least 3 other quilts in Rockingham County, Va. 

This block resembles Valley fractur designs." ....Neva Hart

The Red Tulip block is very similar to the Yellow Tulip block we shared back in August. The one difference is the "bowl" construction of the red and yellow flower heads. (see yellow tulip below)

Here is a close up of Esther's Red tulip block for you to see the fabrics she used.
I also found it interesting to see that she quilted on top of her applique work.

Here is the condensed version of the order in which I assembled this block:

Esther must have been fond of Tulips - she included 3 Tulip blocks in her quilt.
I really enjoyed stitching up this block, I hope that you do too.

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Happy Stitching,
Doreen & Dawn


  1. Your tulips are gorgeous. Your color scheme for this quilt is superb. Thanks for the step by step assembly guide. I am modifying (surprise, surprise) the flower slightly. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Wendy, I look forward to seeing how your Tulip block turns out!

  2. Another beautiful block, your stems look so perfect!!

    1. Thank you Kris, The stem work is definitely easier when working on larger blocks. My blocks finish at 16".

  3. Another pretty block!
    Thanks for showing your steps.

    1. Thank you Dawn, I look forward to the reveal of your Red Tulip block this month as well.