Saturday, December 31, 2016

Month 16 Pink and Red Wreaths

Red Wreath Original Block
"C-2 Wreath (red) with name/date
Rose Wreaths were especially popular circa 1840-1860 with numerous variations recorded by quilt historians. This block has the name "A.B.Martz" and the date "1859" stitched in block lettering in the quilting."...Neva Hart

Original Quilt - Pink Wreath Block

"D-5 Wreath (Pink)
This block shows off the echo quilting used throughout the quilt." ...Neva Hart

Original Quilt Detail

Detail of the letters in the quilting and the year 1853 below the red wreath block.

In the original quilt, the red wreath block is placed next to the rainbow block.

Original Quilt Detail

The inking is the word 'Wreath'

Esther quilted through the inking.

The red wreath was the first block I stitched. As we planned this project, I decided I had to stitch one of the blocks in the 8" size before committing to the entire project.

I used embroidery for the smallest green stems.

I was hooked!
It was easy to say yes to the smaller size, and this beautiful quilt.

I wanted the stem to decrease at the tip.

I used a stem stitch from the base of the bud going up. The knot is buried behind the red bud. After completing the last stitch at the tip, I work on the back and weave the thread back to the base of the bud. Working down from the bud, I used a chain stitch for the stem. This gave me two different stitch widths.  I had a place to bury my knots, no dark threads will show through my appliqué ground fabric.

My pink wreath has a little goof.
See it?
Right in the center!

In my inking zeal, I inked the year I started the project!

Easy fix!

I will add the year I finish the quilt under 2015, between the flower and the bud. This will give me the start and finish years with the details on the label.

My goal is 2017; quilted, bound and labeled.

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Happy Stitching,
Dawn & Doreen


  1. Your Wreath blocks are gorgeous Dawn! I love your use of embroidery for the tiniest/most delicate stem work. Your inking is beautiful, wonderful great idea to add your start AND finish dates on this!

    1. I'm off into the new year with this finish in mind! Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Beautiful blocks! Love the tiny details :)

    1. I enjoy the little things in life...and quilts.
      Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Magnificent! I love the embroidery detail. I thought mine were small at 10", but 8" blocks sound way too challenging! I do think it is a bit ambitious of you to think we can do two blocks in one month, but I will give it the good old college try! Thanks again for all the inspiration!

    1. Like things at once? We have great confidence in your stitching!
      Most imposrtantly, enjoy.