Monday, March 28, 2016

End of Month 6 Progress Report

Thank you for continuing to share your photos!
If you are starting, catching up or up to the current - keep sharing.

Here are more great blocks...

Deanna decided to circle back and restitch a few blocks for
her color way changes.

Laura is stitching with a group of friends - what fun!

Gail included a cardinal in her Liberty Tree

Laurie used a braid tacked down for her stems - sweet yo-yo
flower centers

Pretty colors in machine applique.

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Check back at the first of the month to see Doreen's announcement of block 7

Happy Stitching,
Dawn & Doreen


  1. It's wonderful to see blocks by quilters just beginning and/or working at their own pace. All of these blocks are beautiful.

    1. Groups or singles, it is a fun and rewarding project.
      Thank you VQM for sharing!

  2. Maybe it is because the "Liberty Tree" lends itself so nicely to interpretation, but there have been some really clever blocks out there! I love the Cardinal in the tree. And Laurie's yo-yo centers and braided stems are unique as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love seeing all the different blocks. I may not have done a Liberty Tree but am still working on other blocks :)

  4. I have somewhat reluctantly "dropped out" but will sure continue to enjoy seeing all the beautiful interpretations of these blocks!

    1. You are welcome here anytime! We have a few surprises coming up so check back often. You are welcome to join in again. Love your work!