Tuesday, March 14, 2017

End of March Month 18 Show and Tell

So many beautiful blocks - WOW! Month 18...

Checkout the lady bug print in the flower.

Selective cutting and quilt as you go.

Adapting the floral elements for a new block

Pretty in pastel

All important bees enjoying the flowers.

Double Double!!


30s prints redesigned AND quilt as you go

Beautiful colors on a soft gray ground.

19th Century Reproduction Prints

Beautiful Red Tulips

Sew, so pretty!

Thank you for sharing!

More beautiful detail.

Great variety in the prints.

Pretty in Pink!

Fun Fabrics - 19th Century Reproductions

 Rich earth brown backgrounds

Some Kaffe Prints - great contrast

A visitor to the garden

Oh, so tiny on a printed ground fabric.

Enjoy the blocks!
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Happy Stitching,
Doreen and Dawn

Mid Month 18 Jacobs Ladder Show and Tell

So many pretty blocks for the mid month show and tell!

Dianne used soft pastel colors

The dark blue print is lady bugs.
Mirror Images
Selective Cutting by Gail
Beautiful Quilt As You Go

Pamela did amazing stitching on her blocks.
Double Double !!

Nanette used wool

Doreen adapted her block - sweet bees!

Detail - Doreens Bee Detail

Annie is doing Quilt-As-You-Go in 30's reproductions
She also adapted her block
Patty has beautiful pinks on her soft gray ground

Shona used a variety of reproduction prints

Pamela designed this block using elements from
Jacobs Ladder
Keep those pictures coming!
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Happy Stitching,
Doreen and Dawn

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

E-2 Jacob's Ladder Month 18

Original Block
"Some of these fabrics are seen only in this block. Was that a Confederate Violet in the middle?"...Neva

Read more about Confederate Violets HERE.

This block has some elements that float in the block. Between the two primary stems is a small vase or vessel with a three leaf stemmed flower. It is very common in 19th century floral appliqué to see a very tiny vessel with sprouting what appears to be an oversized flower.

I started my block by basting every other base leaf in place.

Once I completed the needle turn appliqué on the, first leaves I basted the rest in place.

Hold off on the flower stems until the buds and calyx are stitched.

The flowers were done buds first, then the calyx. The last step is the green stems.
The small plaid print I used makes the leaf look like it twists.
What is wrong with this?
Ever put a project down and remember it as DONE?
The very last step was to add the base arches.
Ooops, I did add the base arches to my block before this post!

Happy Stitching,
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Dawn & Doreen

Monday, February 27, 2017

End of February Show & Tell

It's been a busy month of stitching for our Sew Along participants.
Here are some more Red Tulip block finishes:

Nancy made TWO blocks, one in traditional cotton and one in Wool Applique'.

And a few of our friends completed blocks from earlier months.

Kay Butler completed her Peony AND Red Wreath blocks:

Here is Nanette Bell's Kings Crown block in wool applique'

And Karen Beigh's Red Wreath block:

To see more wonderful blocks from this and previous months - be sure to visit our facebook page HERE.
Stay tuned the next block will be revealed on March 1st....

Happy Stitching!
Doreen & Dawn

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mid Month 17 Show & Tell - Red Tulips

The Month of February is certainly flying by quickly...
Here are some beautiful Red tulip blocks:

(notice the dragonfly Gail stitched in the bottom right corner)

And here are a couple of Wool versions:

And yes, we have some Colorful (and also beautiful) variations of this block to share with you as well:

Are you working on your Red Tulip block or perhaps just beginning?
Would you like to share a picture with us?
It's not too late, we will add another post the end of February sharing more blocks.
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Happy Stitching!

Doreen & Dawn

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